Class Schedules


The CT Performing Arts Center offers a variety of classes at multiple times throughout the week.  Students may sign up for any combination of classes that best meets their scheduling needs. Classes run for 9 months, from September to June.


An annual registration fee of $35 will be required for each student.  This is separate from class enrollment fees.


All classes are priced on a monthly basis as outlined, with each month representing a 4-week period. When members of the same family enroll in more than one class, they get an additional 5% Discount PER CLASS, Applied to All of Your Classes! That means with 2 classes, you get a 10% discount – with 3 classes your discount is 15%…and so on…

Dance & Theater Classes

30 Minute Classes
$45 per month

45 Minute Classes
$55 per month

1 Hour Classes
$65 per month

90 Minute Classes
$85 per month

2 Hour Classes
$105 per month


My girls switched to this studio this year and I cannot say enough good things about this place!!! My oldest has been to 4 dance studios, and this is the only one that has all of these: good choreography and technique, good organization, and a lot of fun! We have been very happy with the move!

Lisa J


When you enroll in more than one class, you get an additional 5% Discount PER CLASS, Applied to All of Your Classes!  That means with 2 classes, you get a 10% discount – with 3 classes your discount is 15%…and so on…


When multiple students from the same family enroll in classes, the classes taken by the family will be discounted at the same rate that they would be if they were all taken by a single student.  For example, the cost to enroll three siblings in one class each will be the same as enrolling one student in three classes.


Boys that enroll in a dance class can receive a second class for free (dance or theater). The free class does not count for the the multi-class discount.


A $20 referral bonus will be credited to your account for each new student that you refer.  In order to get this credit, the new member must acknowledge you as the referring party at the time of their registration.


Tuition will be discounted by an additional 10% off for those that pay for the full year upfront with cash or check.

Holidays &
Make-Up Classes

Each season consists of 36 weeks, and for billing purposes, these are divided up into 9 monthly tuition installments, with each month consisting of 4 weeks. In reality, the season lasts more than 9 months, and there will be some months in which there are 5 weeks of class. These extra classes will compensate for the times in which the studio closes for holidays, snow days, etc. In order to make the schedule fair for everyone, we will ensure that each class meets 36 times during the year, regardless of which day it meets. This does not apply to dance team, since they twice a week and may even have additional practices, if necessary, to prepare for competitions.

2023-2024 Class Schedules

Winter Schedule

A = Advanced, typically at least 3 years of experience

B = Beginner, intented for less experienced students

Please note that these age-based recommendations are merely a guide.

Actual placement may vary based on the skill level of the student.