The Connecticut Performing Arts Center

has dance classes for students of all skill levels, from beginners to advanced.

Tap      Jazz      Ballet

Hip-Hop      Lyrical



Our pre-dance classes use creative movement, the fundamentals of dance steps and positions, along with engaging music and choreography to develop your child’s coordination, rhythm, and flexibility.

Ages 3-5.

Must be potty trained.


Come enjoy the excitement and beauty of ballet! Our ballet classes focus on ballet terminology and technique through the execution of barre work, center, and across the floor exercises. Your child will have a clear understanding of body alignment, movement quality, carriage of upper body, and flexibility.


Jazz combines many styles and techniques from Broadway, Street, and Contemporary dance to Ballet. Our jazz classes teach basic jazz dance technique, terminology and style with an emphasis on proper technique, alignment and movement quality.

Hip Hop

Our Hip Hop classes teach rhythm, coordination, musicality and choreography without suggestive music or movements. Students are challenged to think on their feet while enjoying an energetic and fast-paced dance class. Our Hip Hop dancers develop focus, strength, and agility while having fun.


Contemporary (Lyrical) is a fusion of ballet and jazz, with expressive motions that tell a story. Students will learn lyrical technique along with how to express emotion through movement.  1 year of Ballet or concurrent enrollment required to take this class.


Tap is a style of American theatrical dance, distinguished by percussive footwork and rhythms. Our tap classes stress the basics of tap while also teaching musicality and rhythm.


Acrobatic Dance is the fusion of classic dance technique, & the precision and athleticism of acrobatics. Often defined by unique choreography, acro dancers seamlessly blend musicality, emotional expression, line and extension with acrobatic movements in a dance context.