Upcoming Performances

We’re Glad You’re Here!

And we’ll be thrilled if you’re there, too!  Of course, by “there”, we mean at one of our students’ upcoming performances.

Our Outdoor Stage

All of our Spring & Summer 2021 performances will be outdoors and socially distanced for everyone’s safety and enjoyment.  All “tickets” are sold in appropriately distanced sections that accommodate 2, 3 or 4 people, and are available through our online ticketing system. If you purchase two adjacent sections (to the left or right), you can also utilize the space in-between the two.  Two sections either in front or behind each other will not have the use of the space in-between, to allow for people to enter or exit the rows safely.

You Choose Your Seats

BLUE = 2 Person Section

GREEN = 3 Person Section

RED = 4 Person Section

BYOC – Bring Your Own Chairs…or blankets, or whatever else you would like to sit on for the performance!

Seating sections are divided into three zones:  Rows 1 – 3 are Zone 1, Rows 4 – 6 are Zone 2, and Rows 7 – 11 are Zone 3.

Rows 10 & 11 are only available for the 2021 Dance Recital

Our Performances

CTPAC Dance Recital

Performance Date:  June 19
Rain Dates:  June 25 & 26

Ticket pricing ranges from $20 to $56 per section.  Prices vary based on zone and section size.

Due to the overwhelming response for our 10am Early Show, all assigned sections have been sold.
To accomodate all of our families and guests, we have added an “open seating” section behind the last row, for $9 per person.  Please be sure to indicate how many people you will be buying an open seating ticket for either on the seat selection page, or while in your cart.

Pre-Dance – Level 2

Level 3 – Elite

Please Note:  Seat selection is best done on a desktop/laptop computer or tablet.  If you’re on a mobile phone, please use the + & – symbols on the bottom of the screen to zoom in and out for best selection.